Welcome to Ginza C&D For Women Only

At our store, we provide treatments for women living in today's times to improve their body condition and make them healthy and beautiful.


The practitioner is the store manager, Midori Kusano, who uses the Kusano method of treatment, which boasts an 80-year tradition passed down from her grandfather, grandmother, father, and mother, to solve painful physical problems.


The male owner Yamazaki, who has over 30 years of experience in sports massage, will shape your body's muscles and fat into the ideal shape.


The treatment improves recovery by loosening tight muscles and pressure points where meridian flow is impaired.


For first-time patients, we will explain the procedure while performing the treatment.


Most people can feel their body changing during the treatment.


If you have any concerns or concerns about your body, please feel free to contact us.



Facial decollete course 60 minutes 10,000 yen

● Enlarge your eyes

● Smooth your cheeks and jawline

● Concerned about acne breakouts

●Face tends to swell

● I'm concerned about my décolletage line

For such people, we highly recommend our facial decollete course.

hull Body Oil Massage

Full body oil massage course    90 minutes  15,000 yen 


Adjust your body lines now.

If you have any concerns about your upper arms, back, flanks, above the knees, ankles, or other parts of your body, please try our full body oil course.

For those who suffer from stiffness, coldness, or swelling in their neck, shoulders, or lower back, oil massage improves blood circulation and increases the body's ability to recover.

For a tired body, a cold body, or if you are concerned about your style

Please try it.


Full body oil massage course 90 minutes  15,000 yen 


Eyes, neck, shoulders, and back hurt

● Difficulty falling asleep/unable to sleep soundly

●Swelling is painful

● Pain in the lower back, knees, and feet

If you have other physical concerns, we recommend a full body oil course.